Our Services

Puffy Prints Haven is a standard mobile pet grooming service provider and pet food retailer.
We drive to the consumer’s residence and render the required service there, with their
observation. We bath, groom (cutting of fur), cut nails, give tooth care and perform an
anal gland clean. We are mostly targeting physically ill pets, frightened pets which were
previously abused, and clients who are uncomfortable with taking them to, or don’t have
time to take them to, a stationary pet salon.

Pet Bathing

Pet bathing plays an important role in the health of your dog’s coat and skin, helping to keep your dog clean and free of dirt and parasites. We recommend that to have your dog at least once every month.

Anal Glands Cleaning

Part of the services of professional pet grooming is expressing anal glands for dogs who cannot do so themselves to promote pet health. Most dogs won’t need such expression more than twice a year.

Pet Grooming

Regular grooming with a brush or comb will help keep your pet’s hair in good condition. Our services includes both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog as well as trimming and shaving of fur.

Nail cutting & Tooth care

Trimming your pets nails is an important grooming task that helps her stay happy and healthy. Along with Nail cutting we also offer tooth care to keep your pets’ gums healthy will help prevent oral pain.


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