About us

Puffy Prints Haven is a 100% black owned company which deals with pet
hygiene and pet care. Puffy Prints Haven was established on the 6th of
June 2017, and has been operating as a standard mobile pet grooming
service provider until September 2019, then expanded into the sale of
pet food and accessories.


  • Company Registered
  • Got seven new clients


  • Growth in a number of new clients


  • Growth in a number of new clients
  • Acquired suppliers for Pet food expansion


Our vision for Puffy Prints Haven, our products, services and clients include the following:

  • To be one of the top pet health care service providers.
  • To see Puffy Prints Haven as an all-inclusive product and service provider.
  • So see every pet owner using Puffy Prints Haven products and services.


To always look for new, easy and exciting ways to deliver quality service to both our customer and their pets. Our Competitive Edge:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Quick Response to messages
  • Punctuality
  • Great track record
  • Quality service

What We Do

Puffy Prints Haven is a standard mobile pet grooming service provider and pet food retailer. We drive to the consumer’s residence and render the required service there, with their observation. We bath, groom (cutting of fur), cut nails, give tooth care and perform an anal gland clean. We are mostly targeting physically ill pets, frightened pets which were previously abused, and clients who are uncomfortable with taking them to, or don’t have time to take them to, a stationary pet salon.

Key Processes

We work face to face with our customers. Firstly, a client calls us to set an appointment. Client gives specifics of the pet breed and size, and then we drive to the client’s residence, set up and render our services there, after that the client gives feedback then pays